I am making jackets, pullover tops, dresses and sometimes purses and skirts from  vintage chenille fabrics  I often do a patchwork style of mixed colors, these are especially sweet in the childrens sizes.  The jacket style is cropped with patch pockets and a single button with loop.  The childrens sizes are lined in flannel.  The photos of these are all for little girls but I can do blues and green conbinations for boys.  

Price list:

Kids jackets - up to age 5                     $ 42
Adult jackets & pullovers                      $ 54 - 64
Extra fancy                                          $ 68 - 80
Shift dress                                           $ 90
Chenille skirt

The Best Way To Order

Please email me at:, or call Kathryn at: 760 643 1127 to discuss a piece for you.