My classic shirt -

This is a simple classic fitted shirt that you see everywhere.  It's the fabulous vintage fabrics that I use that make my shirts unique.  I combine cotton ginahams and solids with vintage floral tablecloths or embroidery or lightweight drapery fabrics and "picture frame" the design on the front so that it becomes the focus of the shirt.  Sleeve lengths vary, I also have a cap sleeve version of this shirt for summertime.

Sizes go from S thru 2X, I can adjust length etc. to fit just you.  This style is wonderful for heirloom pieces using your own family linens, so see my page on that.  Remember the pics are examples of the style and I may not have that exact shirt when you order, but I promise to do my best to create a shirt for you that you will love.

Price list:

Classic shirt size S - 2X                   $ 48 - 54
Special request & extra fancy           $ 54 - 60
Cap sleeve shirt                               $ 42 
Cap sleeve - extra fancy                   $ 48 - 54

Linen big shirts -

This is an oversized shirt with drop sleeves that roll, and a mandrin collar, made mostly of linen.  It's the most popular design that I do.  They are often considered wearable art and many customers have whole collections of them, since each one is so different.  The shirt is long with a curved shirt tail and one large patch pocket. I use a large variety of vintage linens including solid color damask (which I sometimes dye), floral tablecloths, embroidered pieces of all sizes, and colorful linen dish towels often brought home as tourist items. I usually use vintage pearl buttons on these shirts.  The size small measures 48" thru the bust and large measures 56", so you see the size range is oversize.  Lenth is around 30" for these shirts.   Once again, heirloom pieces with your linens are great for this style.

Price list:

Linen big shirts                         $ 72
Custom orders                          $ 72
Extra fancy                              $ 82 - 100

The Best Way To Order

Please email me at:, or call Kathryn at: 760 643 1127 to discuss a piece for you.